• Dr. Dinh Tien Tuan Anh
  • Dr. Wang Wenqiang
  • Dr. Stefano Braghin
  • Dr. Kyumars Sheykh Esmaili
  • Dr. Lichun Li

  • Jackson Tan Teck Yong
  • Chih Wei Ling
  • Quach Vinh Thanhh

pCloud (Project status: Completed)

In the pCloud project we investigated mathematical and algorithmic foundations  for Reliable and Privacy Preserved Data Storage & Sharing in decentralized environments.

The pCloud project was led by professor Anwitaman Datta, and it was funded for three years and a half under the A*Star Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC)'s Thematic Strategic Research Programme (TSRP) on "Data Value Chain as a Service".


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